World Economic Forum Africa (WEFA) Case Study: Project Management for an International Event

The World Economic Forum is an international independent organisation. It is committed to improving the state of the world by engaging political, business, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) in partnership with the Nigeria Committee of the World Economic Forum Africa (WEFA) tasked Alder Consulting to produce and manage the handover event held in South Africa in 2013. Nigeria is the venue for the 2014 Forum.

Alder was responsible for marketing, production and contractor management in South Africa. Alder designed and produced a brochure on Nigeria (with folder), banners, flash drives, carrier bags and an animated multimedia video featuring Nigeria’s strengths.

Alder scripted and designed the brochure, designed wall and scroll banners and customised flash drives.

We created e-versions of the brochure with animated videos. Following the Nigeria handover, we managed a cocktail reception for guests.

Brochure Cover

brochure cover




Brochure Inside Page

brochure inside page




Brochure Inside Page

brochure inside page 2









Scroll Banners

Scroll banner 3 Scroll banner 1 scroll banner 4 Scroll banner 5 Scroll banner 6






Wall Banners

wall banner. wall banner 2




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Alder Case| Kakawa Discount House: Building a B2B Brand through Innovative Marketing

Kakawa Discount House, a financial institution created to provide liquidity to its bank shareholders, operated for many years as a business-to-business (B2B) company. As Kakawa began offering investment products directly to consumers, there was a need for a marketing strategy to promote its new retail focus. Retail Investment services included the sale of treasury bills and other money market investment instruments. Kakawa also spun off an asset management subsidiary – Kakawa Asset Management – to serve both corporate and retail clients. To create a more public persona, Kakawa needed cost-effective marketing that was corporate in outlook yet portrayed accessibility. Alder’s solution was to turn the company’s annual reports into a promotions platform and must-have collector’s items among shareholders and HNIs. That way, Kakawa could transform an existing budget item – its annual reports – into a dual purpose brand communication tool. The annual report design was used for seasonal items such as calendars and notebooks, extending Kakawa’s mind share among prospects and customers.

[Lesson: Existing corporate function materials can be transformed into marketing tools. Have you considered advertising on your letterhead or business card?]

Annual Report Designs Each year, Alder Consulting develops a theme to capture Kakawa’s strategic focus and uses it as a basis for design. The theme, Taking it Further, has become a recurrent slogan in recent years.

Once an overall theme is defined, Alder translates the concept into seasonal materials – calendars and notebooks.

2012 Annual Report Cover Annual Report


Annual Report Inside Page: Chairman’s Statement

Backup_of_chairmans section

Calendar Cover

calendar cover

Calendar Inside Page

calendar inside page


notebook cover only

2011 Annual Report Cover

2011 annual report cover

Annual Report Inside Page: Chairman’s Statement

chairmans section.

2010 Annual Report Cover

2010 calendar cover

Annual Report Inside Page: Chairman’s Statement

kk 2010 chairman

Annual Report Inside Page: Directors’ Report

directors report  section.

Calendar Cover

2010 calendar cover

Calendar Inside Page

2010 calendar inside

2009 Annual Report Cover

2009 annual report cover

2007 Annual Report Cover

2007 annual report cover

Annual Report Inside Page: Chairman’s Statement

2007 chairman's statement

Annual Report Calendar Inside Page

2007 calendar


2007 notebook

2006 Annual Report Cover

front page 2006 annual report cover

2005 Annual Report Cover

2005 annual report cover

2001 Annual Report Cover

2001 annual report cover

Other Marketing Communication Materials used by Kakawa

Other materials designed for Kakawa include corporate adverts and financial statements in newspapers.

Corporate Adverts

corporate advert

advert 2


Financial Statements

financial advert


[Lesson: As illustrated by Kakawa Discount House, if a marketing platform is used creatively, it can help the company build brand consistency and reputation. Also, making use of existing function materials reduces cost.]

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Alder Case| Access Bank: An evolving brand story

A feature synonymous with Access Bank seems to be a constant yearning for change. As one of the top ten most capitalised financial institutions in Nigeria with over 300 branches in operation, Access Bank Plc nurtures the ambition of being the most respected financial institution in Africa.

In 2006, under the leadership of Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede & Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director and Group Deputy Managing Director respectively, Access Bank launched a new logo to signify an intention to reposition itself as a lead player in the Nigerian financial services sector. Alder Consulting redesigned the logo and developed the brand strategy for the Bank.

We present the visual identity evolution of Access Bank since then:

The Beginning: 1988-2002


This was the Access Bank logo before the management team of Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede & Herbert Wigwe took over the reins.

The Transformation: 2003


The logo designed by Alder Consulting represented simplicity, future focus and forward motion. The grey colour signified an extremely efficient, no frills organisation with a passion for excellence.

The Evolution: 2006


Following an international expansion and a focus on retail banking, Access Bank unveiled a new brand identity with a colourful flair.

The Present: 2013


With its customer base hitting 6.5 million, Access Bank has undergone another brand identity redesign. The white background represents a shift to a more transparent and open institution. The 3 chevrons remain, signifying forward movement while the lower case typeface typifies accessibility and humility.

Access Bank’s brand evolution portrays flexible and responsive branding in line with expanded vision, strategy and customer base.

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